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Today is:2022/03/16 Wednesday
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Keyword:Flat wire, paper covered wire, DuPont paper covered wire
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Company Profile Xuchang Zhenqi Industry Co.,Ltd is located in Yanling County, Henan Province Of China.Huayuan established in 1992,has developed a professional manufacturer  of Magnet Wires in China.  Products Scope: Our company produce various magnet&...
President Speech     Xuchang Zhenqi Industry Co.,Ltd is the high-tech enterprise with the leading products of magnet wire.We have strong R&D ability and resources integration capability as well as implementation ability.We have a wide range of international partners.The comp...
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Xuchang Zhenqi Industry Co., Ltd
Address:South of Weilai Avenue, Industry Cluster District, Yanling County, Xuchang City, Henan Province, China
Development History The company(formerly known as Yanling Oxide film aluminum factory)has been committed to the research,development and production of all kinds of enameled winding wire and wrapped wire since its establishment in 1992,by improve prodction technology constantly is getting more and more stable to adapt to different requirements of our clients.     In the next few years, we will develop based onour key produ...